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The Living Room

The Living Room is a new project by The Culture House, curated to bring you inspiring and interesting live music, theatre and other arts experiences in an intimate and friendly setting.

Based in Cleethorpes and with a view of the coast, it’s a place purposely designed to connect us through creativity, to bring us ‘closer to culture’ and to showcase and celebrate talent, while exploring ideas and sharing interests.

We’re adding to the mix of live offerings within the resort with a programme hosting different genres from popular music to jazz, classical and experimental, hosting local talent and touring artists.

The Living Room is also hosting a range of workshops from local artists – a number of these focusing on well-being and nature – as well as small exhibitions and other creative events, continuing our work committed to uplifting the area’s creative and cultural offer.

In addition, children’s arts organisation Birdhouse has begun to host children’s activities and story-telling within the space which have proved extremely popular.